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Companies can greatly benefit from collaborating with academic researchers in the field of Engineering (miscellaneous). These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and skills that can enhance innovation, solve complex problems, and provide access to cutting-edge technology. By partnering with an academic researcher, companies can tap into their expertise to develop new products and technologies, improve existing processes, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Academic researchers also offer fresh perspectives and insights, helping companies stay at the forefront of advancements in Engineering (miscellaneous). Additionally, collaborations with academic researchers can lead to valuable networking opportunities, access to research grants and funding, and the potential for long-term partnerships.

Experts on NotedSource with backgrounds in engineering miscellaneous include John Ormerod, Tim Osswald, Mengying Li, Trina Fletcher, Ph.D., Bernd Stahl, Dr. Sandeep Aashish, Christophe Schinckus, Grace Lees-Maffei, Ramesh Giri, Yayao Ma, and Alec McKendell.

John Ormerod

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America
Magnetics Expert - Principal at JOC LLC - Consultant to the Global Magnetics, Rare Earths and Metals Industries
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Dr. John Ormerod graduated from the University of Manchester, UK with a BSc, MSc and PhD in Metallurgy in 1975, 1976 and 1978 respectively. He has over forty years of research, product development, and manufacturing experience in the area of permanent magnets and magnetic materials. He has published and presented numerous papers in the field of magnetic materials. He has spent time in Europe working for Phillips and in the USA working for SPS Technologies (Arnold Engineering) in their magnetic materials businesses. In 2002 John was named President of Res Manufacturing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Res is a manufacturer of stamped metal components, assemblies and value added services serving diversified industries. They are a major supplier of components and assemblies to Tesla Motors for their Model S and future Model X electric vehicle platforms. He provided expert testimony on issues of invalidity during the recent rare earth magnet ITC investigation No. 337-TA-855 and is currently a technical consultant evaluating prior art for the Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Industry Alliance. In 2015 John founded JOC LLC a consultancy specializing in the magnetics and metals-related industries. He serves on the Advisory Board of Bunting Magnetics Company and is Senior Technology Advisor to Magnet Applications Inc.

Example engineering miscellaneous projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on engineering miscellaneous?

Development of Advanced Materials

An academic researcher in Engineering (miscellaneous) can collaborate with companies to develop advanced materials with unique properties. These materials can be used in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics, to enhance performance, durability, and efficiency.

Optimization of Manufacturing Processes

By partnering with an academic researcher, companies can optimize their manufacturing processes to improve productivity, reduce costs, and minimize waste. The expertise of an Engineering (miscellaneous) researcher can help identify bottlenecks, implement automation, and streamline operations.

Design and Development of Sustainable Infrastructure

Academic researchers in Engineering (miscellaneous) can collaborate with companies to design and develop sustainable infrastructure solutions. This includes projects related to renewable energy, waste management, water conservation, and green building practices.

Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling

Companies can benefit from the expertise of Engineering (miscellaneous) researchers in data analysis and predictive modeling. By analyzing large datasets and using advanced algorithms, researchers can help companies make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and improve performance.

Integration of Internet of Things (IoT) in Products

Academic researchers specializing in Engineering (miscellaneous) can collaborate with companies to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into their products. This can enable companies to create smart and connected devices, improve functionality, and enhance user experience.