Building and Investing In Academic Industry Partnerships

In today's dynamic world, the synergy between academia and industry is more crucial than ever. At NotedSource, we passionately believe that fostering these collaborations is the key to unlocking untapped potential. When it is easier for individual academics and industry leaders to work together, they create a powerful alliance that drives both technological advancements and economic growth.

Dive into our comprehensive white paper to discover:

  • The core concerns, challenges, and advantages of Academic-Industry Collaborations (AIC).

  • Real-world examples of industry trailblazers and academic pioneers setting new benchmarks in collaboration.

  • Actionable strategies and recommendations to strengthen and maximize the outcomes of AICs.

Join us in championing the cause of seamless collaboration between the world of research and commerce.

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We partnered with NotedSource on a few of our key proprietary research studies. While our studies were primarily consumer focused, we wanted to infuse insight from industry practitioners and/or thought leaders to provide a more holistic view on the topic we studied, and in some cases also help to guide the development of our consumer research phases. Working with NotedSource’s experts proved to be an effortless process providing us with valuable learnings which enhanced our overall studies.

Pamela Marsh, Ph.D.

Managing Director
Primary Research

Omnicom partners with NotedSource to find academic industry collaboration
Omnicom's Pamela Marsh has partnered with NotedSource experts for valuable learnings