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Data Science
Jo B., Ph.D. part of the notedsource industry-academia network

Jo B., Ph.D.

Stanford University

Consumer Psychology
Ludovica C., Ph.D., available for university partnerships for companies

Ludovica C., Ph.D.

University of Rome

Social Sustainability
Danielle B., MBA, part of the academic consultant network

Danielle B., MBA

Northwestern University

Tom W., Ph.D., available for academia research jobs

Tom W., Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin

Sustainable Design & Psychology
Brandon R., Ph.D., helps you find a professor for project

Brandon R., Ph.D.


Chemical Engineering
Nassim A., Ph.D., NotedSource contract research services

Nassim A., Ph.D.

University of California, Los Angeles

Renewable Energy
Adam H., Ph.D., part of the NotedSource industry experts engagement platform

Adam H., Ph.D.

University of California, Berkeley

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Microsoft uses NotedSource for academic partnerships
Johnson & Johnson academic research projects on NotedSource
ProQuest (Clarivate) uses NotedSource as their industry academia platform
Slamom consulting engages academics for research collaboration on NotedSource
Omnicom and OMG find academics on notedsource
Phoenix Tailings finds academic collaborations on NotedSource
Unilever research project have used NotedSource to engage academic experts

We partnered with NotedSource on a few of our key proprietary research studies. While our studies were primarily consumer focused, we wanted to infuse insight from industry practitioners and/or thought leaders to provide a more holistic view on the topic we studied, and in some cases also help to guide the development of our consumer research phases. Working with NotedSource’s experts proved to be an effortless process providing us with valuable learnings which enhanced our overall studies.

Pamela Marsh, Ph.D.

Managing Director
Primary Research

Omnicom partners with NotedSource to find academic industry collaboration
Omnicom's Pamela Marsh has partnered with NotedSource experts for valuable learnings

Collaborative Engagements

Structure a project that meets your needs to break ground and dig deeper.

Subject Calls

Ideate, discover new topics, and dig deeper into nuanced areas.

Master Classes

Structure a learning session for your team with the world's foremost authority on the topic.


Leverage academic expertise to get the most from your questions and analysis.

Literature Reviews

Work with an expert on a guided, comprehensive summary of previous research on any topic.

Functional Deep-Dives

We know R&D, L&D, and Organizational Effectivenss teams have different processes and goals.

Custom Engagements

Work with NotedSource to structure an engagement that makes sense for your topic and deliverables.

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We believe that professors, post-docs, scientists and other researchers have deep, untapped knowledge and expertise that can be leveraged to drive innovation within companies. NotedSource is committed to bridging the gap between academia and industry by providing a platform for collaboration.

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