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How it works
1. Create your profile

Create a profile, import your publications, and let us know about your areas of expertise — all in just a few minutes.

Add and upload all of your profile information to NotedSource to find opportunities for engagement with industry clients.
2. Receive Requests

Receive requests from companies seeking your area of expertise based on your profile.

Academic researchers can use the NotedSource platform to organize their projects.
3. Scope and collaborate

Set up meetings, milestones, deliverables, and due dates using our easy tools in order to keep things on track for a good outcome.

Integrations with tools you already use
Continue using the tools you already use, like Slack
Continue using the tools you already use, like Microsoft Teams
And more
4. Receive payment and feedback

Within 24 hours of completing a project, you'll be paid directly to your preferred account, receive feedback, and leave a review of your experience.


Research Communities

Exclusive, invitation-only communities curated to foster meaningful connections among researchers and experts from various disciplines. We believe in the value of focused, private spaces where experts can share ideas, collaborate on groundbreaking projects, and engage in thought-provoking discussions.

What researchers are saying

Consulting for NotedSource was a highly positive experience. Each step of the process, from initial communication with NotedSource, to meeting scheduling, to the meetings with clients, was prompt and professional, and the client interactions were intellectually engaging. I would certainly recommend working with NotedSource to other faculty members.

Aimee Eggler, Ph.D.
Villanova University

NotedSource is a pleasure to work with. Every aspect of the process is very professional and I felt that my feedback was valued and genuinely embraced. It was an excellent experience.

Kevin Parker, Ph.D.
Idaho State University

It was an interesting experience and the questions I was asked felt important and relevant. I was happy to be able to express my opinion and offer my expertise.

Sally Irwin, Ph.D.
University of Hawaii

I had a great time consulting on educational projects with NotedSource. I strongly recommend them.

Muhammad Shahbaz, Ph.D.
Purdue University

They were a very professional team! I really enjoyed working with them!

Nasim Annabi, Ph.D.

The experience was very good and the management of the conversations worked well. It was a pleasant working environment and the other consultants were easy to get along with. I felt that I had a little impact on the future directions the company will take.

Lonnie Guralnick, Ph.D.
Roger Williams University

NotedSource is an efficient platform to connect with researchers and field experts. They facilitate these connections promptly and efficiently.

Thomai Serdari, Ph.D.
New York University

I had a great experience working with NotedSource. They were timely with communication and answered all of my questions about the process.

Nick R.
Florida State University

NotedSource helped me consult on new projects within my expertise by connecting us and handling the paperwork so I could focus on the ideas.

Dr. Joachim Scholz
Brock University
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