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NotedSource's AI-powered platform helps you find and vets your perfect research partner, wherever they exist: a university, think tank, lab, or company.

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Built-in IP protection and research ownership

NotedSource's proprietary system ensures confidentiality and intellectual property protection. The end result of the research collaboration belongs to you and your organization.

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NotedSource handles the paperwork so you can focus on the research

Improve your company's ROI by focusing on the research, not the paperwork. Our platform manages vetting, IP, and onboarding so your team can work faster.


Curating Experts

Don't spend hours searching

Vetting Experts

Save time reviewing credentials

IP Protection

Own 100% of any IP or research through NotedSource

Researcher Relationships

Leverage the most diverse network of global experts

Gain unprecedented access to a global network of researchers

Quickly start working with impossible-to-find research partners for short- or long-term research.

NotedSource prioritizes the protection of intellectual property for companies collaborating with external researchers on our platform. We ensure that companies retain full ownership of the intellectual property developed during the course of any project. Our platform is designed with robust confidentiality measures and clear contractual agreements, safeguarding our clients’ valuable innovations and ideas.

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"Building and Investing In Academic Industry Partnerships"

At NotedSource, we believe collaborations between academia and industry lead to innovation. That is why we're providing research-backed material to make it easier for your team to build academic partnerships that have real business applications. Read the latest research in NotedSource's new white paper.

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