Organize research conversations and deliverables in one place 

Define project expectations, collaborate, message, share deliverables, and create payment schedules all within the NotedSource platform.


NotedSource Messaging

Support doesn’t end when kickoff begins

NotedSource enhances your expert partnership with an intuitive collaboration platform that streamlines project management from start to finish. 

Set and manage project milestones

Turn initiatives into milestones that let team members provide status updates, submit work, and give feedback.

Store and share deliverables

Avoid disjointed email threads by keeping critical files within your collaboration space where everyone on your team can access them.

Manage researcher relationships

Collaborate with experts and team members by posting messages and comments in the collaboration space.

Track time and report on progress

Ensure experts are on track to meet project milestones within the determined time frame with preset reports.

We partnered with NotedSource on a few of our key proprietary research studies. While our studies were primarily consumer focused, we wanted to infuse insight from industry practitioners and/or thought leaders to provide a more holistic view on the topic we studied, and in some cases also help to guide the development of our consumer research phases. Working with NotedSource’s experts proved to be an effortless process providing us with valuable learnings which enhanced our overall studies.


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