Work with thought leaders and academic experts in experimental cognitive psychology

Companies can benefit from working with experts in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology in several ways. These professionals can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, improve user experience design, optimize decision-making processes, conduct research studies, and enhance data analysis techniques.

Experts on NotedSource with backgrounds in experimental cognitive psychology include Ramy Ayoub, Laura Giurge, Edoardo Airoldi, Jo Boaler, Thomas O'Neill, Ryan Howell, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Steve Joordens, Nora S Vyas, Ph.D., David Blanchett, Eve Ekman, Norman Farb, Jonathan Rosa, Lea-Rachel Kosnik, Paola Dussias, Abiodun Adewuya, Ramy Ayoub, Laurence Steinberg, Stephen Adamo, Dr. Claudia Sánchez-Gutiérrez, Tim Cavell, Orgul Ozturk, Dr. Adam W. Stivers, Ph.D., Daniel Sibley, Paul Schrater, John Joe, Bryan Dawson, and Bryan L Williams.

Laura Giurge

Assistant Professor at the London School of Economics and Researcher at the Wellness Research Centre
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Other Research Interests (14)
Behavioral Neuroscience
Experimental and Cognitive Psychology
Social Psychology
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Applied Psychology
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Laura Giurge is an organizational scholar and behavioral scientist. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She earned a Ph.D. in Management from Erasmus University Rotterdam and two cum laude master’s degrees in economics and business and in human resources management from the University of Groningen. Prior to joining LSE, Dr. Giurge was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Cornell University and at London Business School, as well as a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Business School. Her research seeks to make work better and enable all individuals to thrive and achieve their potential. <br> Giurge’s research has been published in top journals such as Organizational Behavioral and Human Decision Processes, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature Human Behavior, and The Leadership Quarterly. She also publishes popular press articles in outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. In 2020, one of her papers received the Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management. At LSE, Dr. Giurge is part of the teaching team for the Executive MSc in Behavioral Science. At LBS, she connects with MBA and Executive MBAs in teaching elective courses on negotiations, well-being, productivity, and the future of work. Dr. Giurge regularly engages in corporate consulting and executive coaching and serve as an academic partner and advisor. Occasionally, she leads interactive and science-backed workshops, lectures, and keynote talks aligned with her expertise. Her most recent talk has been at the University of Cambridge. As a side hobby, Dr. Giurge enjoys creating powerful images that connect us to our planet and inner happiness. If you’d like to collaborate on a research project, bring Dr. Giurge into your organization, do a media feature, commission a creative project, or simply say hello, you can reach out via email at: l.giurge (at)

Lea-Rachel Kosnik

Professor of Economics, University of Missouri-St. Louis, a leading expert on hydropower regulation in the U.S., and other energy and environmental issues
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Environmental Economics
Energy Economics
Environmental Justice
Text/Content Analysis
Public & Regulatory Economics
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Lea-Rachel Kosnik is a Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She received her BA and MA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research focuses on renewable energy and climate change, and she is considered a leading expert on the topic of hydroelectric energy generation in the U.S., and hydropower regulation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In recent years her research has expanded to include analyses of the academic economics profession itself, including with a focus on gender issues and DEI initiatives. Methodologically, her skill set includes textual analysis and natural language processing, along with traditional econometric techniques. In 2016 she received an honorable mention for article of the year from *Contemporary Economic Policy*, and in 2022 she gave the keynote address to the Illinois Economics Association. Dr. Kosnik is perhaps best known (in a service capacity) as the Association of Environmental and Resource Economist’s (AERE’s) Midwest representative, annually organizing the full track of AERE-sponsored environmental sessions at the Midwest Economic Association meetings. Dr. Kosnik has also served as President, Past-President, and Board Member of the Transportation and Public Utilities Group (TPUG), and as a Department Chair.

Example experimental cognitive psychology projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on experimental cognitive psychology?

Consumer Behavior Analysis

An expert in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology can help companies understand consumer behavior by conducting research studies, analyzing data, and providing insights into customer preferences, motivations, and decision-making processes. This knowledge can be used to develop targeted marketing strategies, improve product design, and enhance customer satisfaction.

User Experience Design

Collaborating with an academic researcher in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology can greatly benefit companies in improving user experience design. These experts can conduct usability studies, analyze user interactions, and provide recommendations for optimizing website and app interfaces. By understanding how users perceive and interact with digital products, companies can enhance user satisfaction, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

Decision-Making Optimization

Experts in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology can help companies optimize their decision-making processes. By applying principles of cognitive psychology, these researchers can identify cognitive biases, improve information processing, and enhance decision-making strategies. This can lead to more effective problem-solving, better risk assessment, and improved overall decision outcomes.

Research Study Design

Academic researchers in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology can assist companies in designing and conducting research studies. They can help develop research questions, design experiments, collect and analyze data, and interpret findings. This collaboration can provide companies with valuable insights and evidence-based recommendations for product development, marketing strategies, and business decision-making.

Data Analysis Enhancement

Collaborating with experts in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology can enhance companies' data analysis techniques. These professionals have expertise in statistical analysis, experimental design, and data interpretation. By leveraging their knowledge and skills, companies can gain deeper insights from their data, make more informed decisions, and improve the accuracy and reliability of their data-driven strategies.