Work with thought leaders and academic experts in general agricultural biological sciences

Companies can greatly benefit from collaborating with experts in General Agricultural and Biological Sciences. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge and skills in areas such as crop production, animal science, genetics, and environmental sustainability. By partnering with them, companies can gain valuable insights and solutions to improve agricultural practices, develop innovative products, enhance food safety and security, and implement sustainable and eco-friendly strategies. Additionally, academic researchers can provide expertise in conducting scientific studies, analyzing data, and publishing research findings, which can enhance a company's reputation and credibility in the industry.

Experts on NotedSource with backgrounds in general agricultural biological sciences include Boris Leibovitch, Jeffrey Townsend, Edoardo Airoldi, basanti deopura, Leilani Gilpin, Giuliana Noratto, Lea-Rachel Kosnik, Peter Reich, Dr. Kleio Koutra, Oleg Kozlov, Ph.D., Ramy Ayoub, Paul Schrater, Gianfranco Santovito, Olivier Saulnier, Patrick G. Grant, Ph.D., Annabel Whibley, Ferdous Ahmed, John Joe, and Nicolas Collao.

Lea-Rachel Kosnik

Professor of Economics, University of Missouri-St. Louis, a leading expert on hydropower regulation in the U.S., and other energy and environmental issues
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Environmental Economics
Energy Economics
Environmental Justice
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Lea-Rachel Kosnik is a Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She received her BA and MA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and her PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her research focuses on renewable energy and climate change, and she is considered a leading expert on the topic of hydroelectric energy generation in the U.S., and hydropower regulation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. In recent years her research has expanded to include analyses of the academic economics profession itself, including with a focus on gender issues and DEI initiatives. Methodologically, her skill set includes textual analysis and natural language processing, along with traditional econometric techniques. In 2016 she received an honorable mention for article of the year from *Contemporary Economic Policy*, and in 2022 she gave the keynote address to the Illinois Economics Association. Dr. Kosnik is perhaps best known (in a service capacity) as the Association of Environmental and Resource Economist’s (AERE’s) Midwest representative, annually organizing the full track of AERE-sponsored environmental sessions at the Midwest Economic Association meetings. Dr. Kosnik has also served as President, Past-President, and Board Member of the Transportation and Public Utilities Group (TPUG), and as a Department Chair.

Ramy Ayoub

Marketer, Digital transformation expert, Entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability, and Driven by innovation & creativity that make an impact.
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Ramy Ayoub is a marketing professional, entrepreneur, and digital transformation expert. In 2007, he founded the Red Sea Academy for Tourism & Entertainment Services, which quickly became a trusted provider of entertainment services for over 20 upscale hotel groups in the EMEA region. Throughout his career, Ramy has consistently demonstrated his marketing prowess, managing operations and serving as a marketing consultant for leading branding activation campaigns globally for art & cultural festivals, hotels, and regional companies. He has a proven track record of generating remarkable results and has helped many organizations achieve their business goals through effective marketing strategies. Ramy‘s exceptional skills and marketing acumen have earned him a reputation as a thought leader in the industry. He is passionate about helping businesses adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape and has played a key role in driving digital transformation across various sectors. Ramy possesses a rare mix of strategic marketing acumen with excellent leadership, change management, and business process abilities. He has worked with key stakeholders to maximize external relationships with the government and allies to attract fresh business opportunities. Ramy has demonstrated a track record of developing creative marketing strategies and solutions that enable multiple successes through multi-channel sales-driven and customer-centric activities. He has also maximized profitability through sponsorships, loyalty programs, and partnerships with local and international entities. Ramy Ayoub has a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams to support effective communication and result-driven revenue growth Throughout his career with Hilton Hotels, IHG, Sun International Hotels & Casinos, Port Ghalib Resort, UNWTO, Porto Marina, Porto El Soukhna, Jaz Hotels Group, Thomas Cook, TUI Group, TEZ Tours, Odeon Tours, Vodafone Group, Zain Telecom, Raya Telecom, FTV, Ministry Of Sound, Red Bull, Heineken, Bitburger Beer, Al Ahram Beverages, OBOUR LAND, Domty and much more…

Example general agricultural biological sciences projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on general agricultural biological sciences?

Crop Improvement and Yield Optimization

An agricultural company can collaborate with a General Agricultural and Biological Sciences expert to develop new crop varieties with improved yield, disease resistance, and nutritional value. This can lead to increased productivity, reduced reliance on pesticides, and enhanced food quality.

Livestock Management and Welfare

A food production company can work with an expert in animal science to improve livestock management practices, ensure animal welfare, and optimize production efficiency. This can result in higher-quality meat and dairy products, reduced environmental impact, and improved sustainability.

Environmental Impact Assessment

A manufacturing company can collaborate with a General Agricultural and Biological Sciences researcher to assess the environmental impact of its operations and develop strategies for reducing carbon emissions, conserving resources, and implementing sustainable practices. This can help the company meet regulatory requirements, enhance its corporate social responsibility, and improve its public image.

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

A biotech company can partner with an expert in genetics to develop genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with desired traits, such as disease resistance, increased yield, or enhanced nutritional value. This can lead to the development of innovative agricultural products, improved crop performance, and sustainable farming practices.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

A food processing company can collaborate with a General Agricultural and Biological Sciences researcher to ensure food safety and quality throughout the production process. This can involve developing and implementing quality control measures, conducting microbiological testing, and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations. By working with an expert, the company can enhance consumer trust, minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses, and maintain high product standards.