Work with thought leaders and academic experts in sustainability

Companies can benefit from collaborating with academic researchers in the field of Sustainability in several ways. Firstly, researchers can provide valuable insights and expertise on sustainability issues, helping companies develop and implement effective sustainability strategies. Secondly, researchers have access to cutting-edge research and can provide companies with the latest knowledge and trends in sustainability. Thirdly, academic researchers can help companies identify and address sustainability challenges specific to their industry. Lastly, collaborating with researchers can lead to the development of innovative solutions and technologies that can enhance a company's sustainability performance.

Experts on NotedSource with backgrounds in sustainability include Stefan Groschl, Jacquelyn Humphrey, Tensie Whelan, Kelly Cosgrove, Ramy Ayoub, Hanna Breetz, Adam Karnama, and Garth Rockcastle.

Stefan Groschl

Full-time Research Professor in the Department of Management at the ESSEC Business School, Paris-Singapore.
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Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)
Workforce Diversity and Sport
I am a Professor in the Department of Management and the Co-founder of the Chair of Leadership and Diversity at the ESSEC Business, Paris-Singapore. My previous full-time academic posts include assignments in Canada and the UK. For ESSEC I have been teaching in a wide range of graduate and executive management programs in France and Germany. Much of my expertise and interests are in areas of responsible leadership, diversity management, international human resources management, and organizational behavior. I have shared my experiences in a wide range of academic and public arenas, and I have published several books on responsible leadership, diversity management, and international human resources management related aspects. My research has also been published in numerous book chapters and articles in both the international trade and academic press. My teaching assignments have brought me to a wide range of academic institutions in Mexico, Taiwan, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, Bahrain, Peru, Panama, Canada, USA and Cambodia. I am an editorial board member and reviewer for numerous international academic management journals. I have served as a member of the Observatoire de la diversité et de la parité at the French Interior Ministry, and I have developed and conducted company training programs for firms in France and internationally.

Ramy Ayoub

NY, New York, United States of America
Marketing Professional, Entrepreneur, and pioneer in digital transformation.
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Consumer Behavior
Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)
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Ramy Ayoub is a marketing professional, entrepreneur, and digital transformation expert. In 2007, he founded the Red Sea Academy for Tourism & Entertainment Services, which quickly became a trusted provider of entertainment services for over 20 upscale hotel groups in the EMEA region. Throughout his career, Ramy has consistently demonstrated his marketing prowess, managing operations and serving as a marketing consultant for leading branding activation campaigns globally for art & cultural festivals, hotels, and regional companies. He has a proven track record of generating remarkable results and has helped many organizations achieve their business goals through effective marketing strategies. Ramy's exceptional skills and marketing acumen have earned him a reputation as a thought leader in the industry. He is passionate about helping businesses adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape and has played a key role in driving digital transformation across various sectors. Ramy possesses a rare mix of strategic marketing acumen with excellent leadership, change management, and business process abilities. He has worked with key stakeholders to maximize external relationships with the government and allies to attract fresh business opportunities. Ramy has demonstrated a track record of developing creative marketing strategies and solutions that enable multiple successes through multi-channel sales-driven and customer-centric activities. He has also maximized profitability through sponsorships, loyalty programs, and partnerships with local and international entities. Ramy Ayoub has a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams to support effective communication and result-driven revenue growth Throughout his career with Hilton Hotels, IHG, Sun International Hotels & Casinos, Port Ghalib Resort, UNWTO, Porto Marina, Porto El Soukhna, Jazz Hotels Group, Thomas Cook, TUI Group, TEZ Tours, Odeon Tours, Vodafone, Zain Telecom, Raya Telecom, Ministry Of Sound, RedBull, Heineken, and Bitburger Beer,... He has overseen a number of initiatives, managing the development and implementation of strategic marketing positioning in the execution of all messaging, positioning, and marketing strategies. He has ensured that brand-compliant content is delivered to maximize exposure and achieve budget and revenue growth. Ramy's innovative approach toward new possibilities for collaboration, sponsorship, and market diversification has been a hallmark of his work, earning him a reputation as a thought leader in the field of marketing. His ability to generate creative marketing strategies and solutions have enabled multiple successes through multi-channel sales-driven and customer-centric activities. Ramy has also maximized profitability through sponsorships, loyalty programs, and partnerships with local and international entities. As a passionate marketing professional with a strong work ethic and a wide range of experience, Ramy is constantly seeking to unleash his creativity with future-proof solutions and make a significant contribution to his team and organization. In addition to his work in marketing and digital transformation, Ramy Ayoub has also been involved in initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing food waste. He is currently collaborating with several organizations to develop strategies that leverage digital technologies to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices. Ramy believes that digital transformation can play a critical role in creating a more sustainable future and is committed to using his expertise to drive positive change in this area.

Example sustainability projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on sustainability?

Developing a Sustainable Supply Chain

An academic researcher can work with a company to analyze its supply chain and identify opportunities for sustainability improvements. This can include reducing carbon emissions, minimizing waste, and promoting ethical sourcing practices.

Implementing Renewable Energy Solutions

An academic researcher can assist a company in transitioning to renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power. They can conduct feasibility studies, provide technical expertise, and help develop a roadmap for the implementation of renewable energy solutions.

Designing Sustainable Packaging

An academic researcher can collaborate with a company to develop sustainable packaging solutions that reduce environmental impact. This can involve exploring alternative materials, optimizing packaging design for recyclability, and minimizing packaging waste.

Measuring and Reporting Sustainability Performance

An academic researcher can help a company establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and develop a framework for measuring and reporting sustainability performance. This can include developing metrics, conducting data analysis, and benchmarking against industry standards.

Engaging Stakeholders in Sustainability Initiatives

An academic researcher can assist a company in engaging stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and communities, in sustainability initiatives. They can conduct surveys, facilitate workshops, and develop communication strategies to promote stakeholder involvement and support.