AI for Brand Strategy & AI for Market Research


Get access to two on-demand webinars for deep dive learning and actionable takeaways from strategic marketing and AI expert Yogesh Chavda.

In our new webinar series, Yogesh Chavda explores the benefits and challenges facing marketers today. This second webinar in the series is a deep dive into leveraging generative AI for brand positioning and strategy, and includes a live demo of using custom GPTs to level up your brand. 

See a live demo of using custom GPTs to explore future brand scenarios and develop messaging, learn tips for building your own GPTs, and explore the impressive marketing-specific applications for AI, including SWOT analysis, social media planners, and more. 

The third webinar is a crash course in how to use GenAI in the context of market research. From basic to advanced applications, you’ll hear about a variety of use cases and learn about discussion guides for focus groups, surveys, synthetic focus groups, scenario planning for the future, and more.

Watch Using Generative AI to Enable Brand Positioning and Strategy and Leveraging Generative AI in Market Research to hear from one of our experts.  

Cost: $50

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