Work with thought leaders and academic experts in industrial manufacturing engineering

Companies can benefit from working with Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering researchers in several ways. These experts can help improve efficiency and productivity, optimize manufacturing processes, reduce costs, enhance product quality, and drive innovation. They can also provide valuable insights and recommendations for process improvement, supply chain management, and sustainability initiatives. By collaborating with academic researchers in this field, companies can gain a competitive edge, stay ahead of industry trends, and achieve long-term success.

Experts on NotedSource with backgrounds in industrial manufacturing engineering include John Ormerod, Tim Osswald, basanti deopura, Steve Joordens, Dr. Andrea Corti, Ph.D., Konstantinos Tsavdaridis, Mengying Li, Tensie Whelan, Norman Farb, Tim Leung, Athul Prasad, Deep Jariwala, Samiul Amin, Radha Kushwaha, Bernd Stahl, Christophe Schinckus, Curtis McCoy, Orgul Ozturk, Paul Schrater, Mehrdad Sheikhvatan, Ferdous Ahmed, Dr. Wen Cebuhar, PhD, and Shveta Malhotra.

John Ormerod

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America
Magnetics Expert - Principal at JOC LLC - Consultant to the Global Magnetics, Rare Earths and Metals Industries
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Dr. John Ormerod graduated from the University of Manchester, UK with a BSc, MSc and PhD in Metallurgy in 1975, 1976 and 1978 respectively. He has over forty years of research, product development, and manufacturing experience in the area of permanent magnets and magnetic materials. He has published and presented numerous papers in the field of magnetic materials. He has spent time in Europe working for Phillips and in the USA working for SPS Technologies (Arnold Engineering) in their magnetic materials businesses. In 2002 John was named President of Res Manufacturing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Res is a manufacturer of stamped metal components, assemblies and value added services serving diversified industries. They are a major supplier of components and assemblies to Tesla Motors for their Model S and future Model X electric vehicle platforms. He provided expert testimony on issues of invalidity during the recent rare earth magnet ITC investigation No. 337-TA-855 and is currently a technical consultant evaluating prior art for the Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Industry Alliance. In 2015 John founded JOC LLC a consultancy specializing in the magnetics and metals-related industries. He serves on the Advisory Board of Bunting Magnetics Company and is Senior Technology Advisor to Magnet Applications Inc.

Samiul Amin

Professor of Practice at University of Miami Professor of Practice and Director ECAP at University of Miami with expertise in Formulation Design, Rheology, Biosurfactants, Biopolymers and Materials Science.
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With over 22 years of industry and academic experience in SoftMatter, colloids, and complex fluids, I am a Professor of Practice and Director of the Engineering Corporate Affiliate Program (ECAP) at the University of Miami. My mission is to bridge the gap between engineering education/research and industry needs, and to foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among students and faculty. I am also co-founder of FastFormulator a Formulation Design Lab developing novel sustainable formulations for a wide range of industries utilizing an integrated approach of High THroughput FOrmulation Automation/Advanced CHaracterization/AI-ML and based on deep colloid science/complex fluids insights. <br> As a leading researcher and consultant in formulation design and performance optimization of consumer, cosmetic, biopharmaceutical, and homecare products, I collaborate with multiple global companies and organizations to develop novel and sustainable solutions based on high throughput formulation, AI/ML, advanced characterization and novel sustainable materials. I also teach courses in polymers, surfactants, emulsions, rheology, tribology, and innovation management, and chair international conferences in my field of expertise. I am passionate about advancing the science and engineering of complex fluids and cosmetics, and sharing my knowledge and insights with the next generation of engineers and innovators.

Example industrial manufacturing engineering projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on industrial manufacturing engineering?

Process Optimization for Automotive Manufacturing

An Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering researcher can analyze the manufacturing processes in the automotive industry and identify areas for optimization. By implementing efficient production techniques, companies can reduce cycle times, minimize waste, and improve overall productivity.

Supply Chain Management for Electronics Industry

Collaborating with a researcher in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering can help companies in the electronics industry optimize their supply chain. By streamlining logistics, improving inventory management, and implementing advanced forecasting techniques, companies can reduce lead times, lower costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Lean Manufacturing Implementation for Food Processing

An expert in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering can assist food processing companies in implementing lean manufacturing principles. By eliminating non-value-added activities, reducing waste, and improving process flow, companies can achieve higher efficiency, better product quality, and increased profitability.

Automation and Robotics Integration in Manufacturing

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering researchers can help companies integrate automation and robotics technologies into their manufacturing processes. By automating repetitive tasks, companies can improve productivity, reduce labor costs, and enhance workplace safety.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Collaborating with an academic researcher in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering can help companies adopt sustainable manufacturing practices. By optimizing energy usage, reducing emissions, and implementing eco-friendly materials and processes, companies can enhance their environmental performance and meet sustainability goals.