Work with thought leaders and academic experts in social media

Companies can benefit from collaborating with a Social Media academic researcher in several ways. Firstly, they can enhance their online presence by leveraging the researcher's expertise in social media platforms and strategies. The researcher can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, helping companies understand their target audience and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly. Additionally, the researcher can assist in developing effective marketing strategies that align with the latest trends and best practices in social media. By collaborating with an academic researcher in Social Media, companies can stay ahead of the competition and maximize their online reach and engagement.

Experts on NotedSource with backgrounds in social media include Dr. Joachim Scholz, Cory Young, Melinda Haughey, Maria Elena Placencia, Eric Dunning, Pallavi Guha, Susan Jones, and Lee Gustafson.

Dr. Joachim Scholz

Buffalo, New York, United States of America
The world's first Augmented Reality Marketing professor
Most Relevant Research Interests
Social Media
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Augmented Reality
Brand Storytelling
Social Media Firestorms
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I am a marketing professor who specializes in augmented/extended realities, metaverse marketing, brand storytelling, and influencer marketing. I am a public speaker and consultant who helps your brand thrive in today's and tomorrow's new realities. <br> \~ ⨏ \~ <br> MY PASSION is to explore augmented reality’s strategic potential for marketing: I published the first-ever conceptual article on AR marketing, which won Article of the Year award and is one of the most-cited publications about this topic. I have taught AR since 2015 as part of my social media and digital marketing courses at Cal Poly. At Brock University, I developed and teach the world’s first dedicated Augmented Reality Marketing courses for undergraduate as well as MBA students. <br> \~ ⚬ \~ <br> MY RESEARCH combines ethnographic methods with socio-cultural frameworks to cut through the complexities of marketing and consumption: I explore how augmented reality can deepen consumer/brand relationships, how it helps customers feel more competent and autonomous, how Pokémon GO players co-create and transport into hybrid-realities, how managers can deploy AR initiatives, and how various types of augmented realities offer different strategic opportunities for brands. My social media research explores how marketers can build their brands in today’s polarized and tribal societies by fighting back against online critics. <br> \~ × \~ <br> I LOVE building bridges between academia and the broader business community: I'm a member of Adweek's Academic Council and serve on the advisory board of Schulich’s Future of Marketing Institute. I regularly publish research-driven insights in Adweek, MKTGsquad, and other AR-specific publications. I provide expertise for marketing agencies and consult wine, CPG and technology companies in the US and Canada on branding and augmented reality marketing. I decipher the babel and help people see the big picture. <br> \~ 🦊 \~

Example social media projects

How can companies collaborate more effectively with researchers, experts, and thought leaders to make progress on social media?

Social Media Analytics for a Retail Company

An academic researcher can analyze social media data to identify trends, customer preferences, and sentiment analysis for a retail company. This information can help the company optimize its product offerings, marketing campaigns, and customer engagement strategies.

Social Media Advertising Campaign for a Tech Startup

A Social Media academic researcher can design and execute an advertising campaign on various social media platforms for a tech startup. The researcher can leverage their knowledge of target audience segmentation, ad optimization, and campaign tracking to maximize the startup's reach and conversions.

Social Media Crisis Management for a Healthcare Organization

In the event of a social media crisis, an academic researcher can provide guidance and support to a healthcare organization. They can help in managing negative feedback, addressing misinformation, and restoring the organization's reputation through effective communication strategies.

Social Media Influencer Collaboration for a Fashion Brand

A Social Media academic researcher can identify and collaborate with relevant influencers in the fashion industry for a brand. They can leverage their network and expertise to create impactful influencer marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness and increase sales.

Social Media Content Strategy for a Nonprofit Organization

An academic researcher can develop a comprehensive social media content strategy for a nonprofit organization. They can analyze the organization's goals, target audience, and industry trends to create engaging and impactful content that drives awareness, donations, and volunteer participation.